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The sounds of the Peru Circus Band have mesmerized Circus audiences for over 60 years. The band is a phenomenon! Both amateur and professional musicians volunteer their time for nearly two weeks each summer to provide the musical background for over 200 amateur circus performers, playing more than three hours in each show. This grueling task draws more musicians than the band loft will hold, a capacity of 65, requiring that some musicians take turns. Dating back to the 1800′s, the original circus band consisted of 20+ local musicians. Today, membership has grown to over 130 including musicians who travel from as far away as Louisiana, New York and Springfield, Virginia to participate. Each one will tell you that it is one of the most enjoyable things they do… and that joy shows in the enthusiasm with which they perform.  Come join us at the Peru Amateur Circus, sit back, relax and enjoy the sounds of the best circus band in the land … the Peru, Indiana Circus Festival Band, played by musicians who just “love to play circus music!” If you like what you hear (and we know you will) then visit the Circus City Gift Shop for a Peru Circus Band CD.

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